Terms and Conditions of Sale

This document outlines the terms and conditions of sale for all products listed on the Get Belted Chest Plates and Collars website at getbelted.com.au. Our terms and conditions are not inclusive of T&Cs for third party and wholesaler websites and stores.


Products which are custom made and built on site by Get Belted Chest Plates and Collars including (but not limited to) chest plates, leads, collars, canvas bags, and custom holsters have a six month manufacture warranty covering failure of stitching and/or materials used to create the product.

Products which are stocked by Get Belted Chest Plates and Collars but not manufactured on site carry the manufacturer’s warranty as outlined in documentation provided with the product or direct from the manufacturer..


Get Belted Chest Plates and Collars will not honour warranty claims for products that are faulty as a result of the following:

  • products that have been chewed by animals
  • electronic products that have been exposed to high amounts of water or dust.
  • products that show obvious malicious damage including cutting, tearing, burning or melting.
  • products which have been altered or used in a purpose outside of its normal function.


Get Belted Pig Hunting Supplies creates high quality armour for pig hunting dogs it cannot guarantee that products sold will guarantee protection from injury or death when a person or animal is placed in a dangerous situation. Ultimate responsibility lies with the purchaser of this product and/or their subsidiary customer.

Pig hunting is risky and product from Get Belted Chest Plates and Collars carry no liability for prevention of injury or death.


By purchasing knives from Get Belted Chest Plates and Collars you acknowledge you are over the age of 18 and will not use this product for purposes other than the marketed use. Get Belted Chest Plates and Collars holds no liability for events, injury or death resulting for the use of knives sold through our website at getbelted.com.au.