Z Vision Windage Clamp


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Z-Vision Hunting Lights

Z-Vision Windage Clamp

The TWM-LP low profile torch mount with windage and elevation adjustment.

Get Belted is now proud to be stocking this windage / elevation mount system. It will solve your issue when you need to adjust the exact beam point of the torch, to match to your aim. This product is a step above the standard figure 8 style traditional scope mounts!

*Check out the video below

Allows maximum control of the beam direction to allow centering of the beam perfectly to the point of aim.

Mounts quickly to our SPR-1 rail mount with ease. No tools required to mount to rail.

Suitable for all 25.4mm (1) torch body shard this and clamps to 20mm picatinny

rail systems.

Paired with the Z-VISION SPR-1 scope to rail mount the TWM-LP will fit scopes with objective out side diameter of 64mm

Package List:

1 x Low Profile Windage/Elevation Adjustable Torch Mount
2 x Allen keys

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