Otis Firearm Protectant 2 fl oz


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Wet and nasty weather can take its toll on any firearm.

Otis Firearm Protectant is a bio-based formula that uses water displacement to protect your gun from oxidation, rust and corrosion in inclement weather conditions.

Great also as a short term storage solution – with protection lasting 3-6 months if used indoors.

-Protects firearms from oxidation, rust and corrosion
-Ideal for use prior to inclement weather
-Protects firearms indoors 3-6 months

1. After applying an Otis Firearm Cleaner and Lubricant, apply a light amount of Otis Firearm Protectant to the entire firearm using a patch or gun cloth.
2. Reapply as needed.
3. To remove, if desired, use Otis Firearm Surface Prep.

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