Mantis Predator Electronic Game Caller

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  • 25 Pre-load calls for bringing in game
  • Pivoting legs with lock in position
  • 4-Way key pad call selection / volume control
  • LCD screen readout with back light
  • Random repeat timed options
  • Sound activation trigger button
  • Hand lanyard
  • Powered by Four (4) “AAA” batteries (not included)
  • Loaded calls include:


Jack Rabbit 2
Jack Rabbit Distress 1
Jack Rabbit Squalls
Juvenile Jack Rabbit ORION
Raspy Rabbit
Field Mouse

Cottontail Distress
Cottontail Distress Young
Cottontail ORION

Coyote & Cottontail Distress
Coyote Barking
Coyote Challenge Bark 1 ORION
Coyote Challenge Dominant Male
Coyote Challenge Howl
Coyote Greeting
Coyote Howling Female
Coyote Howling Female ORION
Coyote Locator 2
Coyote Locator 3 ORION
Coyote Lone Challenge
Coyote Pup Distress 1

Raccoon Babies
Wolf Howls 2
Wolf Howls 3

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